We can build your online community

We have experience of growing online communities of all shapes and sizes, from viral Facebook Groups, to peer-support forums built into websites.

Nearly everyone can benefit from building a community for their business or organisation, whether that be for your clients, supporters, or customers.  A community-driven approach multiplies the value of what you offer as others get involved.  If you’re passionate about what you do, there’s a good chance others will be too.  You’re helping them already.  Why not let them help you?

Clear prices:

Website including a forum From £600
Website integrated with Facebook From £480
Website hosting From £72 a year
Domain name £13 a year for .UK, or £20 for .COM

Website forum or Facebook Group?

Online communities come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve given an idea of costs above for two different approaches.  Now, keeping in mind we can help you build a community through any social media platform (looking at you Instagram! 🥰), when you want a more formal or protected space for people to connect we’ve had the greatest success with both traditional forums built into websites, and with Facebook Groups.  We’d like to share some of our experiences here to help you with your own plans.

Facebook Groups

  • Great for product communities, informal support networks, fans, viral growth, constant activity.
  • Love it or hate it*, Facebook offers huge connecting power.
  • Many constantly check Facebook, so will quickly and easily see updates in your Group.
  • Groups come with a lot of facilities built in - moderation, videos, events, documents.
  • Older content can get lost in busy Groups, so they prioritise current/recent conversations.
  • They’re free and easy to start, so you can try out ideas with just your time.

Website forums or discussion boards

  • Ideal for private/confidential support groups, online learning, Q&A spaces for products or services, measured and thoughtful writing and discussion.
  • Privacy is stronger - important for confidentiality or safeguarding.
  • A well-crafted discussion space on your website can be beautifully simple to use. Good if you want a peaceful, focused, and professional atmosphere in your community.
  • Older content can be easy to find and keep visible for newcomers.
  • Participants have fine-grained control over their notifications, choosing between everything, only the conversations they opt-in to follow, just the responses on their posts, or nothing at all. Can avoid burn-out.
  • Website-based forums take more thought to make them successful. Start simple and expand later following demand.

* It’s worth noting that we as a company have mixed feelings about Facebook (and social media in general, if we’re honest). We love the potential for community in Facebook, and have built successful spaces there. But we’re also concerned about the way Facebook’s policies have disrupted democracy around the world, and the way social media in general monetises human attention with little regard for our wellbeing.

The balance we strike is that by remaining involved we get a say. So we support anyone who has decided to avoid social media for their wellness, and we can certainly find alternative networking and marketing strategies. For ourselves, as a digital company, we want to stay connected with social media communities where we feel we have a responsibility to look out for the wellbeing of others and try to hold the network architects as accountable as we can.

Ready to get social?

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