About Us

We're a small team of two with 20 years experience supporting a wide range of people from national charities to small local businesses. We're passionate about what we do, and in helping your business or organisation to grow.

We are both people who have worked for larger design and tech support agencies but got out because we believed we could offer a much more supportive working relationship.  We want to keep our team to a small size so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you.  At a small scale, we can’t work with everyone, so we look for clients we care about, where we have some personal experiences that can make a difference, and can build a strong long term relationship.

We’d love to work with you if you’re starting a new business, or trying to inject some extra life into one.

If you’re musician or have a band and you really want to go places, we can help you get there.

We are here for you if you work for a charity or community group trying ensure everyone is cherished, respected, and supported.

We are different to other web design companies.  We speak your language.  We make sure that the work we do for you is affordable and meets your priorities.  With carefully designed products and friendly training and support, we ensure your website makes your life easier, not more complicated.